知乎上看到的:“你见过的情商最高的行为是什么?” ——“即使是对最熟悉、最亲切的人,仍然保持尊重和耐心。”

Don't be exasperated at anything before my birthday.
Hold on to it.

So when will you take me to see the starry sky?
On the mountain, near the river, or in the ancient town.
Romantic and gorgeous. Have to hold the breath, after being impressed by the astonishing beauty of the nature.

既然无处可逃,不如喜悦。既然没有净土,不如静心。既然没有如愿,不如释然。 ------丰子恺 《豁然开朗》

I take care of you with all my heart, and you just return me a dispirited look, turning back to me and playing mahjong with your roommates excitedly. So what should I think about it properly.
I am just like my ex boyfriend. Put soul and heart on the one we love. But it is just useless to keep both together.
Maybe I can't give him enough joy.
Maybe I waste too much time and energy on him.
I can do more by my own.
Without him, I can get more.
So wot r u waiting for.

Ah my period is coming this morning. So that's why I thought I was gonna be sick yesterday.
Seems like everything is bad. Chad and I both feel sick, having no energy to take care of each other.
Because of breaking the rules, I have to intercede with the strict lady, and I'm already exhausted thinking about this piece of shit.
Let it go, nothing's gonna bother me, I don't care.

Chad got a favor suddenly. So it has been the first time to take care of someone. Like a mother, a wife, or a girlfriend. And today, I think I'm gonna be sick soon. (Glad to say bye